Although there is currently a downturn in demand, skills shortages are most noticeable for accountants with specific skills such as insolvency and reconstruction, forensic accounting and IFRS. There is also demand for experienced technician level support staff. Good senior positions are still being advertised even though the market is not strong.  We recommend you contact a recruitment agency to seek up to date information regarding your specific situation.

Employers’ specifications for applicants are likely to include:

  • experience in a similar sized organisation.
  • experience in an organisation of similar complexity.
  • experience in the same or a similar industry segment.
  • experience in a similar role.

Obtaining employment with large, well-known corporations tends to be more competitive, especially for applicants who have not worked in similar organisations before. Hence, it may be easier to obtain employment with an SME (Small to medium sized enterprise). SME’s can be more flexible, particularly if they already employ ACCA qualified accountants.

Employers are very specific in their requirements, and fluency in English is essential. In particular, employers might be reluctant to employ candidates without local experience at all levels and the advice is to consider contract work for 6 to 12 months if this proves necessary. Some more senior level accountants from overseas may find they need to take a step down to first prove themselves in the Australian or New Zealand market. While this may surprise some migrating professionals, it should be seen as part of the process of transitioning to a new market.


The ACCA Approved Employer programme recognises employers’ high standards of staff training, accountancy resources and development for their ACCA members.

In Australia and New Zealand we have only a few Approved employers who offer Professional Development – recognition for employers’ support of the CPD (continuing professional development) of ACCA Members.

If you work for one of these Approved employers, your employment with them will count towards your yearly CPD requirements.

There are also several Approved employers in New Zealand that support Practising Certificate Development: This stream enables the organisation to train ACCA Members to achieve their practising certificates.

To find out more please contact the Existing Accreditations team at approvedemployers@accaglobal.com