Visa Requirements


If you want to live and work in Australia or New Zealand, you will need to apply for a visa first. The type of visa you apply for will depend on your skills, experience and current circumstances but to work, you must have a valid Australian or New Zealand visa with work rights. It is very important you research this carefully and apply for the right kind of visa for your situation.

One of the visa entry options if through the skilled migration scheme. Currently the role of accountants is included as one of the professions still required in Australia – however this comes up for renewal each year and whilst numbers of students studying accountancy remains high and the number of accountants per capita remains high – the probability that it may one day be taken off of this entry list – shouldn’t be overlooked when planning your next 1-2 year employment plans.

While each visa application is different, many have overlapping requirements. People seeking entry into Australia or New Zealand may be required to submit to health and police checks in order to proceed with their visa applications. Additional requirements may include health insurance, English language testing, evidence of funds and assessment of skills and trade qualifications.

You can employ the services of a migration agent to help you through this process and submit your visa application. Download the ACCA Guide to Living and Working in Australia or New Zealand for more information on:

> Australian Work Visas

> New Zealand Work Visas