The Interview


Keep in mind that most companies and recruitment agencies will not commence the interview process with you for specific jobs until you have arrived in the country. Once you have conducted your research and have obtained the correct Visa, you may need to take a risk and just book a flight. Unless you have a very specific skill set that cannot be sourced from the local market, it is very rare to be offered a role without first attending a face-to-face interview.

The key to a successful interview is preparation. Researching the company, understanding the role and offering polished responses shows initiative, enthusiasm and a keen interest in the job. Carefully examine all the information you have about the role, including the job advertisement and position description. To set you apart from other candidates you must be able to sell yourself to the interviewer. You can also use the information gathered from your research for the role to form intelligent questions to ask at the conclusion of the interview. Practise your responses, know your strengths and prepare concrete examples of what makes you special and use them to demonstrate how you can meet the needs of the employer better than any other applicant.

Building a good rapport with the interviewer is essential, as employers are looking for someone who is likely to fit into a new team. Jobs are often awarded to those who perform best at the interview, even if they are not necessarily the best candidate.

This is also the time to ensure the interviewer appreciates the high standards of ACCA, Applicants must be able to “sell” their ACCA qualification.

Download a copy of How to sell ACCA in the local market.


Fluency in English – both spoken and written – is essential. All ACCA examinations are in English, but Members must be conscious of differences in local mannerisms and use of words. If you are in any doubt about your English fluency, you may need to consider a refresher course. Your spoken English skills are part of the initial impression you make on a prospective employer; it may be the most important factor in whether or not you get a second interview.

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Download these important guides to assist in preparing to find the right role in ANZ: