Resume / CV


A curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is your personal marketing document, designed to ‘sell’ your skills and abilities to a potential employer. If you’re to stand any chance of progressing to the interview stage, your CV needs to hook its reader within seconds. Recruiters and hiring managers can receive literally hundreds of applications for a single role, and sometimes they only have time to scan a CV before deciding whether to progress candidates to an interview.

In order to make an immediate impact, your CV needs to communicate the following information in the most succinct (yet readable) way:

  • roles and responsibilities;
  • relevant experience;
  • skills;
  • results and achievements
  • your education.

Above all, it must be easy to read, have no factual inconsistencies and use professional, local language.

An applicant’s CV is crucial in determining selection for an interview. A common shortcoming is excessive job descriptions without adequate attention to achievements in the roles. Recruitment consultants and employers are seeking evidence of competence, initiative, talent and success. Poorly constructed CVs and basic English grammar and spelling errors may cost you the opportunity to be interviewed.

You may possess all the desired skills and experience to excel at a role, but if you don’t showcase them clearly in your CV; you may fall at the first hurdle.

And don’t forget spelling or grammar mistakes are to be avoided at all costs!


How to write a winning CV

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