Job Boards


A job board is a great place to see what roles are out there in your industry. From generalist large-scale sites to niche job boards for the various categories in accounting you can typically search and apply for jobs in your industry based on level, location and salary ranges.

However, rather than only using job boards as a one-stop method to find work, think of them as research tools to get a sense of the skills and experience that are in demand, as well as to help you refine your searches and nuance your personal pitch.

When searching for job boards, devote only about 10% of your time to responding to online ads and job boards; 20% to interacting with recruiters, and 70% to in-person, phone and online networking.

This approach puts the emphasis of your job search onto cultivating relationships, and differentiating you from other candidates in ways that are unique and memorable.

Begin networking right away. Although you may not know anyone who works for the types of company where you hope to be hired, one of your contacts might, or they may know someone in the industry who’d be willing to speak with you. Do a LinkedIn search to check out your contacts’ connections and start asking for introductions.