New Zealand – Tax & Audit


Regardless of the employment sector you may be seeking employment in, we would advise you gain New Zealand Taxation and Corporate Law papers through Massey Universities distance learning programme or face to face at any of the NZ universities near where you settle.

While employers do not explicitly request that accountants who have trained outside NZ gain NZ tax and law, it will help enormously with your employability if you arrive in New Zealand with this essential local knowledge.


ACCA does not currently have statutory audit recognition in New Zealand.

The ability to sign audited company accounts in New Zealand is currently granted by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

Since late 2014, ACCA ANZ has been in discussions with the FMA in relation to its recognition position in New Zealand. Currently both CPA and CAANZ have been awarded statutory recognition status. ACCA is reviewing its position with a view to potentially applying for full recognition status in New Zealand. This would place ACCA on an equal footing with CPA and CAANZ.

Realistically, this process will likely take 6 – 12 months to complete.

Any ACCA member can also apply to become an auditor in their own right provided they can prove to the FMA that they are competent. You will need to any ACCA member with a current audit licence should be able to satisfy this requirement but there may be additional time delays and fees to undergo this pathway so you will need to enquire directly with the regulator body.

In the meantime, if you require further information relating to statutory audit recognition in New Zealand, or if you would like to discuss pathways that provide the ability to sign company accounts, please contact the local ACCA Office.