Statutory Recognition

Knowledge of local business law and taxation law is absolutely vital to securing a local accounting and / or finance role.

We strongly advise all migrating ACCA Members and Affiliates to ensure that they understand the local taxation and legal landscape before they arrive – or at least before they start to apply for jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

As an overseas migrant you will need to demonstrate that you understand the local landscape in order to secure employment. This is exactly the same advice that we give to Australian and New Zealand Members who are thinking of migrating to Hong Kong, London, Beijing or Karachi; they must understand the local finance landscape (and at the very least taxation and law) before they arrive and start to seek employment.

And it’s no different when you come to Australia and New Zealand!

It is worth taking short courses to achieve this local knowledge. Universities and TAFE Colleges (Technology and Further Education) offer short external evening courses.

Here at ACCA ANZ we have made it even easier for you to get up to speed quickly. We have an agreement in place in Australia with Deakin University and in New Zealand with Massey University to offer university level courses which can be completed by distance education or face to face. These courses can be undertaken and completed before migration, if required.

Each of these courses provides documented evidence that applicants have acquired local knowledge and should be considered as an investment in your future career in Australia or New Zealand.

Top Tip – Be prepared before you arrive in Australia or New Zealand! Make sure that you are fully across the local taxation and legal landscape. Think about studying at Deakin or Massey University so that you can illustrate on you CV that you have been proactive.