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Member profile – Jay Huang, Tax Specialist, Tax and Super Australia


A chance meeting with the Head of ACCA Australia and New Zealand at a conference in Melbourne brought back a memory from many years before – a distant afternoon when I first heard of ACCA from a classmate during an accounting seminar in China.

It was 1998, ten years after ACCA was established in mainland China and I was still an accounting student at university. “My older brother has just completed his courses with ACCA and gained the designation” a classmate said to me, with much enthusiasm. “What is ACCA?” I asked curiously. I felt that it must be something important, as my classmate revered his old brother as a role model. “It is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants: a well-known qualification from the UK”, he announced proudly; “it is quite difficult to obtain”.

The second time I heard of ACCA was two years after I had graduated from University. My manager, a technical tax expert who answered all our difficult tax questions and disputes suggested “you should go for ACCA” after spotting my CPA book. “I know that you may go abroad and ACCA might be of more help. Even if you stay in China, ACCA is a worthy alternative as it is well recognised, especially among multinational companies. Many senior officers, such as CFO and directors, hold the ACCA designation”.

A move to Hong Kong compelled me to start the ACCA program. My organisation at the time, Deloitte Hong Kong, required a recognised designation (such as ACCA), in order to access managerial promotional opportunities. I had nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat when I started my ACCA journey. ACCA courses are quite unique compared to other courses I have studied. They provided a full-scale and comprehensive program which helped achieve the range of competences required as a qualified financial professional, not just an accountant. It provides solid theoretical knowledge, practical case studies and soft skills to take me to advanced levels in a variety of subjects such as management decision making, financial reporting and financial strategies.

Thanks to its global recognition, ACCA paved the way for me to progress my career across multiple countries. In 2013 my journey led me to Australia. Not long after my arrival, I was delighted to connect with fellow ACCA members at a Red Box Tuesday event in Adelaide.

My story with ACCA does not stop here. I look forward to utilising the benefits of my qualification and further connecting with ACCA members around the world in future.