Australia and New Zealand is a favourite migration destination, with almost 99% of local ACCA Members coming from the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Pakistan and China. Because of this most of the focus for the local ACCA Member Engagement team is to help support activities that assist our Members with the transition from their home countries to either Australia or New Zealand.

This assistance could be through helping Members to network and meet fellow ACCA Members to gaining a more thorough understanding of the employment landscape across the two countries, and answering questions about statutory and market recognition that will ultimately affect how quickly you get a job and become settled into the Aussie or Kiwi way of life.



ACCA Ambassadors are current ACCA Members who are living and working in Australia and New Zealand. They are made up of Members who are newly qualified, to others with over 40 years’ experience. They comprise of newly arrived migrants as well as more established residents. Our local Ambassadors are highly motivated and passionate about ensuring ACCA gains more market recognition locally, and are committed to providing an invaluable resource to local ACCA Member’s and employer engagement activities. Most importantly, they assist as subject matter experts in our ongoing research and insights projects throughout the Asia Pacific region.

If you are interested in becoming an ACCA Ambassador please email


Mentoring and coaching are just two examples of how ACCA colleagues can actively support and be supported by one another to build exceptional capability across our diverse global network. There is a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience within our network of ACCA Members that is of immense value to new migrants looking to establish themselves in ANZ.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentoree please email

(Please note: we are currently conducting a Pilot of the Mentoring Program in the state of Victoria. If you are currently residing here and you wish to participate please get in touch via the email address above. If you are currently residing outside of Victoria but would like to register your interest for future opportunities, we encourage you to also get in touch and let us know).

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