Market Recognition of ACCA


In seeking employment, ACCA Members often need to convince prospective employers and recruitment consultants that their ACCA  Qualification is comparable with other leading professional accounting qualifications in Australia and New Zealand. This is usually because the person you will be talking to has simply not heard of ACCA.

To help you to tackle this issue we have designed a guide to the ACCA Qualification – you can download it here The ACCA Qualification.

The competitive landscape in Australia and New Zealand looks like this – 

  • The largest local accounting body in Australia is CPA (Certified Practising Accountants) Australia with around 100,000 members and students. CAANZ (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand) has almost 45,000 members. Lastly, IPA (The Institute of Public Accountants) has almost 17,000 members.
  • You will often see positions advertised that specify applicants must be CA or CPA qualified. These organisations promote their brands through national marketing campaigns, including television and newspaper advertising. Both bodies have been established in Australia and New Zealand for many years. Often the employer or recruitment consultants interviewing applicants will often be CA or CPA qualified.
  • The fact that ACCA is not mentioned in recruitment advertisements should not put you off applying for the role. However, you must ensure you are prepared to explain the strength of your ACCA Qualification to the recruitment consultant and/or the employer.

Top Tip – don’t be put off from applying for a role because ACCA is not mentioned in the job advertisement. Be prepared to ‘sell’ ACCA in your CV, in the covering letter and – most importantly – in the interview.

While recognition of the ACCA Qualification in ANZ is perhaps not as strong as in other countries, this situation is rapidly improving.  There are numerous examples of ACCA Members who have not found their ACCA Qualification to be a barrier to securing local employment. In many cases, these Members have actually used ACCA as a point of difference and as a benefit to prospective employers.

ACCA offers global reach, a very high standard of course structure, rigorous examinations and leadership in terms of regulation and policy discussions around the globe. We encourage our local Members to emphasise these areas in interviews with employers and recruitment consultants. Speak up and be proud of ACCA’s global strengths when talking about your qualification!