However, please be aware that this statistic can be misleading. The size of ACCA in ANZ is driven primarily by the migration of ACCA members – just like you!   This means that the vast majority of ACCA Members living and working in Australia have migrated – either permanently or temporarily – from overseas.

Many local Members have come from countries where the ACCA qualification is widely taught and widely recognised. Members are often surprised to find that the situation in Australia and New Zealand is very different. This can lead to despondency and to a questioning of the value of the qualification that you have worked so hard to attain. Do not despair! Your local ACCA Office is here to help. Australia and New Zealand have local Accounting bodies – with local qualifications – that are more commonly studied and more widely recognised than the ACCA qualification. As such, whilst employer recognition is quickly improving you should be aware that through your job search you might be asked “Who is ACCA?’ or “What does FCCA mean?”. It is important for you to be  prepared to explain your ACCA qualification in more detail and to know how it compares to the local qualifications offered by CPA and CAANZ.

Top Tip – make sure you’re ready to answer the question “What is ACCA and how does is compare to CPA?” when you attend a job interview in ANZ! 

You can download a quick reference guide on how to do that here.

One significant advantage in the local employment market is that many of the ANZ Recruitment Agents are from overseas – and particularly from the UK and Ireland. It is worth noting that ACCA and the ACCA qualification is well known amongst these recruitment agents. They are typically far more interested in your work experience, soft skills (such as English language proficiency, professional communication skills, questioning skills and listening skills) than they are in the qualification you hold.


When you arrive in Australia or New Zealand, please ensure you update your myACCA account with a local address so that you will start receiving invitations to local ACCA events, such as CPD seminars. These events will provide you with valuable networking opportunities and a greater insight into how and where your fellow members have achieved employment success. Almost 99% of ACCA Members in Australia or New Zealand have migrated here from other countries, so getting together to network is an excellent way to start to understand the local way of life and how to settle into the local employment landscape.